AndroRat 1.2 Apk Download For Android

Androrat APK: If you are going check an Android phone history like the call logs, contacts and history and other stuff so the Androrat [Binder] is the best tool for your Android phone which easily help you to track down all the stuff which are pinned below. Here in this post, we are going to share all about this app so just follow the following tips to easily know all about Androrat.

AndroRat APK

You can easily be able to download the latest version if Androrat APK from the download link which is provided at the last of this page. This Android package installer is supported by all over android phones and tablets. This is the friendly version which is easily be carried by all android phones. If you have the latest version of operating system installed on your phone so this application will give you the batter performance.

If you wish to steal any once information so you have to first install this application on the victim’s phone and then at the same time you have to install the current application of your system for a server-side application. If you install the Androrat on the victims mobile phone so it is called client-side application and the application which is installed on your phone is called the server side application.

Features provided by AndroRat:

Androrat APK

Once you will install the app on your phone then you can easily get all these features amoung with your App.

  • If the victim uses this application on his phone at the same time your phone automatically vibrates and you will know all the stuff which the victim perform with his phone.
  • You can get all the information like the contact, images, and messages from your victim.
  • Easily get the call logs of the phone where you install ANDRORAT APK.
  • Send SMS to the number and to get the information.
  • You can easily track down the location of the phone using the Network and GPS.
  • Call are monitored using the app.
  • You can easily click the images from the victim’s phone camera.

If you are going to do all these stuff so you need an internet connection with high speed to get better performance and high version of Android operating system installed on your phone. If you are facing any problem during the installation of this application so just turn off your Antivirus for some time during the installation of this application and enable it after the installing.

Note: This application is provided on our site only for the Education purpose if you do any  illegal activity by using the app so we are not responsible for this.

App NameAndrorat APk
File TypeAPK
Supported osAndroid

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