Best Kodi Builds 2020 Free [100% Working]

Best Kodi Builds are unlimited and with the passage of time, they will update. So, guess what I am going to share best builds 2020 which are currently updated and work with 100 guarantees. If you are using Kodi and looking for most powerful Kodi Builds then stay with us.

Finding the best add-ons is time-consuming and manually it is a complicated process as well. So, here are we are sharing most updated Best Kodi Builds which will convert your Kodi interface into a home theatre. Before you explore best builds the first review of what is Kodi builds.

What are Kodi Builds:

The build is 3rd party and comes with the 1-click installation method. And during installing 3rd party build you have to enable unknown source in Kodi. Different builds contain different features which consist of add-ons, skins, themes and much more. Every build posses some quality features which bring the new world in your Kodi.

Best Kodi Builds 2020 Updated List:

The following builds are most popular and working builds which we pick from the large collection of Kodi Builds. Have a look before you get into your Os.

No:Build NameRepository/Wizard nameRespository URLBuild Size (MB)
1LoboOne nation Repository
2Turbo TurboJ TV Repository 260
3Stealth SG repository 264
4Xontech Light AJ repository
5AeonTesla Tesla builds
repository 150
6 Titanium Supreme builds 120
7 Durex Durex Wizard 470
8No Limits Magic v No Limits Wizard 285
9 Xenon Kodigeeks Wizard 405
10Fire TV GuruFire TV Guru Repo (Wizard) 335
11Equinox Genie TV Repo (Wizard) 410
12Atomic RebornMisfit Mods Repository http://misfitmods com/mmwiz/ 410
13 Warlock Warlock Wizard 100
14 Wookie Wookie Repo and Wizard 200
15Pulse CCM Fire TV Guru 182

Imporant note: Kodi is very stict with poclicies and cant allow 3rd party add-ons mostly. On the other hand some Kodi users also received DMCA notices.

So it would be best for you to utilize VPN during customize 3rd party add-ons. VPN will hide your identity and redirect into new world of Kodi.

imporant warning:

Best Kodi Builds 2020 Gallery:

  • Aeon-Tesla-Kodi-Build
  • Atomic-Reborn-Kodi-build
  • Durex-Kodi-build
  • Equinox-Kodi-Build
  • Fire-TV-Guru-Kodi-build
  • No-Limits-Magic-Build
  • Pulse-CCM-Kodi-Build
  • stealth-kodi-build
  • Titanium-Kodi-build
  • turbo-kodi-build
  • Warlock-Kodi-Build
  • Wookie-Kodi-build
  • Xenon-Kodi-build
  • Xontech-Light-Kodi-Build

1: Lobo Build

Lobo Build is very famous its functionalities and it’s released in September 2018.

Final Verdict:

These are the Best Kodi Builds 2020 which work properly and tested before released. Pick one of your builds from a big list and bring some changes in your Kodi world.

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