KLWP Pro v.31b APK Download For Android

If you are a designer and want to design wallpapers for your Android smartphone and need an application which easily serves some help you to make smart and beautiful wallpaper designs for yours. The KLWP Pro is a free application for your Android smartphone which easily helps you to make Android wallpapers. In this post, I am going to share this APK file free for you so you can get it free or your gadgets. The KLWP stats for Kustom Live Wallpaper Maker. The name explains the work of this application that this app is used for prepare live wallpapers on your phone.

Features Of KLWP Pro:

  • Available some skins to design new wallpapers.
  • All text, colors, and font to the images and make new designs.
  • You can find all the shapes like square, rectangle, circle and many more.
  • Use 3D effects and transparent widgets.
  • New and stylish font avail to set unique stylish names on images.
  • Include new kind of text formats and text family.
  • Insert many unique filters to your wallpaper like Blur, black and white, clear and xor.
  • You can save the image on many formats like PNG, BMP, and GIF.
  • You can get notifications from the application when the developer adds any new update to the App.
  • Create a dynamic wallpaper and add location, time and weather to the image.
  • Ability to change the wallpapers according to the time.
  • Download text in HTML format.



Once you create a wallpaper on KLWP Pro APK than you can easily add much information on your images like data, time, location, weather and many more. If you wish to add the hardware information with your photos so you can easily add the Battery percentage, Ram usage, storage information and Cpu usage. Also includes Wifi information, data transfer, next alarm and device information.

KLWP have many editing tools with its setup which easily helps you to design new and unique wallpapers which look like different from all others. Create which you want to and insert the information where you want. Display phone information anywhere on your image and show many hardware information also. 

Now in this global village, everyone wants to do something different and when if talk about the Smartphone so the smartphone is now used by every person and they want to make their phones look like unique from other. For this, they download wallpapers from different sites and also download many launchers for their phone. But now you can easily use the KLWP Pro to make a different kind of wallpapers for your smartphone and make your phone a unique piece.

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