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YouTube Vs TikTok App | Statistics, Information & Review

Many times in our life, we got stuck in one to more choices. we need someone’s feedback or review to get out of the issue. Nowadays people are seeking advice more than people from the internet. So we have initiated a web series, where we are writing comparisons of two apps or more than two Apps. The comparisons will be based on statistics, Information, Download, Rating, and more. The purpose of this is to give information for our users that will help them identify the best one. We do not intend to discourage someone or hate someone, the main real purpose is to represent the best Apps for the audience. But In this First Article, we are going to Compare Youtube Vs Tiktok.

Basic Information Of Apps

YouTube is a basic need for everyone nowadays, I personally started to use it in 2015. Since then I learn a lot from YouTube. Basically YouTube is a Video hosting service Founded on 14 February 2015 by Chad Harley, Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Later Google Brought this 2006. The App version of Youtube was released in October 2012 for The first time. As we all know that Youtube is Best Source to Learning, for Entertainment, for earning and For Much More. The Current CEO of Youtube is Susan Wojcicki. Read Youtube In Wikipedia, and watch First Video Uploaded On Youtube by Clicking Here

On The Other hand, Tiktok is a Short Video Social Sharing platform Founded on September 14, 2015, and Merge with in 2018 by ByteDance. The main concept of this App is to share Short Dance, Comedy, Voice Dubbed, and Talent Videos. The platform is best for Creating and watching dance clips, short Cips with music, and short Comedy clips. Read Tiktok in Wikipedia and watch the first video on TikTok by Clicking Here.

Downloads and Rating

Youtube is an amazing App and was released in 2012, Now there are over 5 Billion Downloads on Play store and have a rating of 4.14. In-App Store Youtube has 4.7 ( 14 Million ratings) and Tiktok has 4.8 ( 2K rating). Total Downloads of Youtube and TikTok is not in the App Store.

Lets Do Some Mathematics,

There have been 8 Years since YouTube App has been Publish in Playstore. In 8 Years It Has 5 Billion Downloads. So YouTube APK has Approximately 625 Million Downloads per Year, Quit Impressive!

Let’s Come Towards The Other fence, Tiktok has published its App in 2015, and Currently, it has 1 Billion Downloads on Playstore, and have an average rating of 2.94. The app has 1 Billion Download in 5 Years, and Have Approximately 200 Million Download Per year.

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The term is very familiar with our daily life, many of us use the ranking to easily compare two things for instance Ranking In Class Rooms, Rankings of Countries, and many more. Alexa is a good tool for measuring the ranking of sites, there may be variability due to Millions of Sites and A lot of data makes variable ranks. Our Sites Ranks in Top 200K Sites, It is not too good. But Remember that there are over 20 Million sites.

YouTube is managing Rank of 2 in Alexa, and Similarly, Tiktok Ranks around 310. let’s Come towards the only App ranking. Youtube has Number one is Ranking and Tiktoks is ranking in number 26 in play store.


Both apps are best for their related content, and everyone is enjoying it. We just intended to Share the Statistics Champions between them. I hope you have enjoyed the Article, Stay connected to get further from us.



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