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Ummah:  The Best Mobile App for Muslims


The development of mobile applications is increasing day by day on different forums, and no doubt, developers are making handsome amount from that. Also, the functional and best-crafted demands are increasing their value day by day.

Today I am going to negotiate on the Ummah App and if you have not listened to the word, then don’t worry, I will open the portal of information. If you are Muslim and no matter where are you living, this app will be going to help you.

Most of the Muslims installed a lot of Android application on them to get in touch with different Islamic news and events. But now a day’s use Ummah the all in one app which will provide all Islamic information in the portal. You have not required to install any 3rd party applications to get any relevant info, because the Ummah application will update you about every event.

Features of Ummah:

  • Prayer Time, Quran, Qibla, Dua, and Tasbih. You can get information and different tools for the betterment of your daily life activates like    Salat time, a copy of the Quran, Qibla Compass, Dua, Hijri dates, books, Tasbih, and important days for different locations and languages.
  • Times in Any Location for Prayer. No matter where are you and what are you doing, because the smart application notifies you when prayers times come. Maybe you forget the prayer time, but the app will keep you update entire year.
  • Quran Readings. At the present age, peoples love to take Quran book, but it is not possible to take all times Quran book in all places. So, you can use Ummah app, which will carry an electronic copy of the Quran. Anytime, anywhere from the rest of the world, open the app and get access to Quran book.
  • Simple, Safe. The app is 100% safe for general use, and it is quite easy to navigate even can kids can handle that. And the best part it is free, you have not required to pay any penny.

The popularity of Ummah app is increasing day by day because peoples loved it services. If you want to update yourself with all type of Islamic content, then once download the Ummah APK file. I am confident, and you will be fall in love with it.

  Ummah 1.9.9 APK (36MB)   

App information:

App NameUmmah
DeveloperUmmah Technologies
Version1.9.9 (Latest)
Format FileAPK
Price Free

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