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Zanti APK the best app for safe our online privacy and security and we now that our online privacy is the most thing we should have to take care of it. Many time we don`t care about information and online data so the result is that someone can steal our information. In this time we have to care about on our online data and information and the Zanti APK will help a lot in this stuff. Nowadays the online shopping using the credit card is a new trend and we also use this method to shop. In online shopping, we input our data like our credit card details and much more all the information will be automatically saved on our browser.

Zanti APK


anyone else finds this information from hidden windows in our internet network or computer. So get rid of all these kind of kinds of stuff you should use the zANTI to catch all these stuff on your network. The app will easily help you to find out all the weak points of your network because we all know that the hackers only target the weak points. The Zanti app will help you find out the weak points and also guide you to make them fix. Just tap the download button and download the app before someone can steal your information.

The Zanti is a free toolkit Apk file for Android phones which allow the users to make their security errors fix. If you are at the risk level and your network is on risk so you need an application like Zanti which easily helps you to find out all the weak points of your network and fix all the errors and you are safe from the attackers. The Zanti will enter on your network and find out the loopholes and fix them to make your network hacking proof.

zANTI is free penetration app which can enter into your network and scan whole your network to find out the information about your network that which server host you the internet and on which IP your internet is running. It can find all the information and reveal the privacy of other users. It can show you that how many people are now connected with your network and what can do using your internet network. Just download the Zanti Apk from the given download link and simply install the file on your Android smartphone to get rid of all of the online privacy problems. The app is free of cost you don`t have to pay any single penny to the developers for the use.

Zanti APK Features:

  • Easily findout the open ports so the users can easily crack any Wi FI network.
  • Deep scanning and find out the best way to crack any network.
  • A very fast network cracking feature included which helps you to easily find out a free network.
  • Log in direct to a open network.
  • Send custom TCP and DCP packets to a wan network.
  • Easily get the access on a network.
  • Show the stats during using the internet on the main device.
  • You can easily redirect all the http traffic to other address.

The Zanti is a 3rd party application on your Android phone so to install this app on your phone so have to allow some permission from the phone setting. To allow the permissions go to your phone setting and tap on the privacy center here you can find the “Unknown Sources” simply enable this setting to install the 3rd party application on your phone. 

This toolkit will scan your network to find out the malicious script on your network and destroy them to make your network secure from the hackers. Just keep eyes on those persons who are connected to your network and find out that what kind of work they are done using your network. If you wish to make your internet connection secure so you have to use this Zanti Apk on your smartphone and make your internet connection secure from the hackers. This is the latest version of zANTI and the version is 2.4.2  and it will support for all kind of Android mobile phones and tablets.

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App NameZanti APK
Size16.4 MB
Supported OSAndroid OS 4.0+
File TypeAPK


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